Westport Storm is proud to host the Bantam Girls Select Tournament, July 5 & 6, 2019
Lockwood Field, 37 Spring St., Westport, Ontario
Shillington Park, 875 8th Concession Rd, Westport, Ontario

Contact Jeff Seed, 613-484-4467

Game    Date     Time        Location          Team          vs           Team
GM1    July 5    7:00PM   Lockwood     Westport                       Lyn
GM2    July 6    9:00AM   Lockwood     Westport                   Cornwall
GM3    July 6   10:00AM  Shillington         Lyn                        Kingston
GM4    July 6   11:00AM  Lockwood     Douglas                     Cornwall
GM5    July 6     1:00PM   Lockwood     Kingston                   Douglas
6    July 6     3:00PM   Lockwood     2nd Seed                   3rd Seed
GM7    July 6     3:00PM   Shillington    4th Seed                    5th Seed
GM8    July 6     5:00PM   Lockwood     1st Seed                  Winner GM 7
GM9    July 6     7:00PM   Lockwood Winner Game 6          Winner GM 8


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